Friday, December 6, 2013

Early Christmas...

Whole family field trip to the passport office this afternoon.  As we were leaving and getting into the car I wished the kiddos a Merry Christmas.


What? We just bought your Christmas presents. So there ya go. Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

On the drive home, the boy was working it all out in his head.  He asked us how much each one cost, plus the additional processing fee.

I get it now! And I'd rather have my passport than 2 or 3 new LEGO sets. 

Holy moly, I love that kid!

But two little voices couldn't help but ask if they were still getting a few more presents. Please?

The UPS truck wearing groves in our driveway should have answered that question for them!

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Soozcat said...

Your kids are adorable.