Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer shenanigans...

The Boy, bored:  I want to build another LEGO mechanism.  But I don't know what...

Me:  Oh, about a trebuchet?*

Him, puzzled:  A tri-bu-what what?

Me: Get thee to the mighty Google and look it up.

Him, intrigued: Is that French? Because it sounds French.

Twenty minutes spent on google, google images and youtube...

Him, excited:  Dude!  It's like a catapult!  Sweet!

Off to his room he went...and came back down with this:

And demonstrations followed...

Very proud of he should be!

He's currently building a bigger model.  Because, apparently, this was merely the prototype.

And, yes, the clock reads 1:35 in the afternoon and he is still jammie clad.  It's summer.  It's raining.  What?

*I figured it would go well with the gallows his little sister built last week.

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