Thursday, July 4, 2013

Conversation just now*...

Him:  Have you looked into any places to take the munchkins to see fireworks tomorrow night?

Me: ::blink, blink::

Him: What?

Me:  Seriously?

Him: Yes. I think they'd like it.

Me:  This is your first 4th off in a while so, technically, you're new here.  But me and fireworks? And crowds? Really?  I was just planning on going with the usual "get kiddos in bed and pray they fall asleep before the loonies start shooting guns in the air and I spend the night in bed with a blanket and pillow over my head, reminding myself they're just stupid people with guns and fireworks, and not soldiers..."

Him: Well, that works too.

It's a weird day when my childhood war trauma trumps his PTSD.

*Not the actual actual conversation, but it reads a lot better than my real answer of "Are you effing kidding me?!"

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