Sunday, February 24, 2013


The Concert Ballet of Virginia held their 37th Winter Gala this weekend and we had tickets... courtesy of a local mom's group I am part of.

It was a delightful afternoon of live orchestra music, ballet and time together as a family.  The venue was one of the beautifully restored historical buildings downtown.  We all dressed up for the occasion, though I seemed to have misplaced my "formal" fracture boot*.  The boy voluntarily changed out of his jeans with the monster patch on the knee...he's growing up, this man child of mine.  And his dad even wore a tie.

A weekend full of memories.  An oasis in this crazy life of ours.

*After studying my bone scan, the orthopedic doctor determined that my bones were fine.  However, the group of tendons on the inside of my ankle are in dire need of attention.  Physical therapy started last week and I was, rather sternly, ordered to remain in the Boot until further notice.

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