Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Sorry.  Crazy has sort of taken over.  It happens when I'm outnumbered for any length of time. 

I actually did manage to sit down at the desk and attempt to take care of paperwork today...a job reference for a friend, the wee girl's pre-k application (she's in, the application is a mere formality really).  Then this cheeky little girl decided she had been neglected long enough...

After I snapped the picture I realized that it's actually like an "I Spy" picture of geekery and nerdness...

I spy a shirt that is Brown, 
with a quote by a pilot who never let Serenity crash down.
He was a leaf on the wind,
His wife's very best friend.

A print from a movie made from a comic about a boy
she read when all life held was pure and simple joy.

Chatting with a kitty, acting just a little batty.
Just this close to being a Crazy Cat Lady.


Soozcat said...

Geekery. We haz it.

Suburbia said...

Nothing wrong with being a crazy cat lady :-)

Julia said...

You say it like geekery and cat lady-ness are wrong?!?