Monday, July 2, 2012

In tonight's "Oh, that is so getting blogged" category...

The lad was caught in the act of imprisoning the kitten in a box and then denied his involvement when questioned.  Being a repeat offender with regards to his inability to leave the kitten be, he was dismissed to his room with a firm bottom swat. 

After a while, he came back downstairs and rather slyly handed his father this note:

"You might want to think of a better punishment then sending me to my room because it is fun in my room because all my toys are up there"

Please bear in mind, the boy celebrated his 7th birthday just last week.  I'm really not sure they actually make Smarty Pants big enough for him to fill. 

We did explain that being sent to his room was more of a separation tool (You need to be out of my sight now sort of thing) and less of a punishment.  But there was really no arguing the boy's logic!

I did, however, use it as an opportunity to go over the difference between then and than.  Because, really...who am I to waste such a golden Teaching Moment?

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Julia said...

LOVE IT! It's terrible when you feel that they just might be a tad smarter than you are. I frequently feel that I'm only moments ahead and losing ground. :)