Saturday, December 11, 2010


It's been a long's been a string of long weeks. I have thoughts to share along the lines of being the family we are, living this crazy life we've chosen...but they can wait until tomorrow.

Brandon's first birthday was yesterday...his party was this afternoon. We were there...celebrating this amazing little kiddo who beat the odds and dug right into his cake. I made him his own wee little monkey cake to go with the big monkey cake for everybody else. He liked it. A lot. But he liked the ice cream more...that didn't hurt my feelings at all.

Plans were rearranged yesterday, as they often are. Our family trip to go pick out a Christmas tree was this morning instead. Due to the party, finishing up the cake and Daddy leaving for work there just weren't enough hours in our Saturday to decorate the tree as well. I promised my children we would decorate it in the morning.

Our children's church Christmas party is tomorrow during church. After kiddos were bathed and in bed tonight I baked three dozen mini cupcakes. While they were cooling I managed to get the lights up on the tree...opening up the Christmas bin and realizing just how many lights I've accumulated over the years, even I had to admit I may just have a Christmas light addiction. Because I bought a couple hundred more last week. Considering how many of our lights are may just be possible to see our tree from space.

Cupcakes are iced and sprinkled.

Christmas tree is all prepped for ornaments in the morning.

The last birthday cake of the year was devoured just a few hours ago. Next kiddo birthday is in May.

My plans for tomorrow are to truly have a day of rest. But around here plans are we'll see how that goes.


Jessy said...

I wish someone would make me a cake for my birthday for once in my life!!! *shakes fist*

We dont even bother with the Xmas tree, but I am quite a fan of pretty lights. I have them strung up around my bedroom just for the effect :)



Dori said...

Jessy, welcome but I have to tell you..."not bothering with the Xmas tree"....that may just be the saddest thing I ever heard. Okay, not really...but still, just a little sad.

Years ago, far from home, in a totally different country and alone I wanted cake. I wanted a birthday cake. So I baked one myself. And it turned out pitiful. And that's when I bought my first cookbook and taught myself how to bake and decorate cakes.