Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First blizzard of 2014...and by "blizzard" I mean "Snow spit"...

When we went to bed last night schools were cancelled and we were right in the middle of the "holy crap" snow forecast bullseye.

This morning? Snow amounts continued to be downgraded. They can't un-cancel school.  So kiddos and I enjoyed a very relaxed no-snow snow day. 

Until 5ish, when the snow finally decided to show up...

 I rounded them up long enough to eat supper.  But then it was suiting up and right back outside.

Yeah...we haven't gotten a lot of snow around these parts in the past few years...

Schools are closed again tomorrow.  I'm overjoyed that these two weirdos are old enough to get their snow clothes on by themselves.  Because they're going to be out there at daybreak.  

Pretty sure I was adopted.  No way do these two share my tropical blood.

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