Monday, January 21, 2013


I made from-scratch cinnamon rolls with two of the best kitchen helpers ever (though they are still a little on the short side.)

Cut out and sewed a new ball gown for the wee girl's Ariel barbie.

Taught the boy how to sand his pinewood derby car (spaceship) with the grain and then wet sand the second coat of primer for an ultra smooth surface.

Lounged in bed, reading and surrounded by cats.

Played Mermaids with the wee girl in the bath.

Helped the boy make his own lunch for tomorrow.

Somewhere in there several loads of laundry were completed, dinner was fixed and consumed.

Read multiple bedtime stories.  Assured one child there would be no thunderstorms tonight and repeatedly reminded another that it was bedtime, put down the book and lights off, please.

Completed the parent questionnaire/letter for the boy's gifted screening.  That was certainly a joint effort between his dad and myself!

Gasped in shock as I looked over the week's weather forecast.  The projected winter weather makes my tropical blood beg for mercy.

Thought throughout the day how grateful I am for this amazing little family and even more amazing partner to share it all with.

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