Monday, November 12, 2012

Someone should work on their "people skillz"...

After three weeks of dealing with whatever this crud is that's attacking my body, I finally hauled my butt into Doc-in-a-box.  Where said butt was severely chewed out by Hilda the residing MD.  She did say that it was a pleasant change to have someone wait it out and not come in with the first sniffle.  But perhaps I had waited just a little too long.

When I made some feeble excuse regarding schedules she reminded me that they were open from 8am to 10pm every. single. day.

I work a job and a half.  I have two small children.  I'm married to a police officer whom I've barely seen since September due to election campaigning.  I've had obligations, scout meetings, and Things That Couldn't Wait.  They could be open 24 hours a day and I still wouldn't have had a chance to come in until tonight.  For the love of everything, woman, stop yelling at me!

As she's typing out my prescription for antibiotics for the raging sinus infection I now have, I proceed to cough up half of a lung.

Turning and glaring down at me she asks if I'd like something for the cough as well.

"Yes? Please and thank you?"

Let's just assume that I already feel like warmed over dog poo and please don't fuss at me anymore.  And I promise to take my medication like a good girl.


Anita said...

Been there, done that! I feel your pain.

My husband is often MIA, too, and when my kids were younger, I was stressed out! I had two big sinus infections every year and it was miserable.

When I was about 49, I began changing my program, eliminating a few things and feelings about those things. I also began taking allergy shots from an allergist.

Life is still challenging (I now have teens), but I feel more in control.

Your time is coming!

Take care of yourself. :)

Jen Broadwater said...

I agree with Anita, take care of yourself first. Get well soon and I'm sure with a few days rest you will pop back to being supermom.