Sunday, August 12, 2012

One for the Best Day Ever book...

We've been pretty vocal about the fact that our almost 5-year-old wee girl has arthritis.  We've also been fairly involved in our local National Arthritis Foundation chapter...raising money, awareness, running 5k's, sitting on committees...stuff like that.  But today was the first time we were able to participate in something set up just for the kiddos.  

There's a "club" just for all of the kids who suffer from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and it's called "Kid's Rheum" (See what they did there? Pretty clever).  They set up some pretty awesome events for all of these amazing kids to help them feel like normal kiddos.  They include the whole family so no one feels left out or slighted.  It also offers us parents a chance to be around others who Know. 

Tonight's event was a baseball game.  But not just any ol' game.  Free bat night, so both kiddos received nice wooden bats with the home team's logo.  Catered dinner in a luxury box suite game.  Right on 3rd base.  

Basically, all we paid for was cotton candy...

Apparently, $6 very well spent.

Nutzy the Flying Squirrel even made a visit to the box!  And, yes, hearing protection is the only way my daughter will attend any form of social function.  Or public restrooms. 

My son caught one of the visiting team's practice balls and the home team won in the 10th inning.

The beach on Friday and then the ball game tonight? Definitely in the running for Best Weekend Ever. 

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