Monday, January 30, 2012

Generation gap...

The wee girl is growing up but not out.  Now that her arthritis has been under control for over a year she's finally reaching the height of a typical 4-year-old.  But without an ounce of fat on her tiny little body.  Which means jeans she's had for a couple of years still fit--I just sew ruffles to the bottom to accommodate her height.  Last year's dresses are now shirts.  And therein lies the daily struggle...

Me:  If you're going to wear that top, you need to wear pants.

Her: But these are my favorite, favorite leggings! (Editor's note: she calls tights "leggings"...anything without feet are called "pants")

Me:  Leggings aren't pants.  And that dress is now a shirt.  Shirts are worn with either pants or skirts.

Her:  But it is a dress!

Me:  It's too short.  It's now a shirt.  Find a pair of pants.

Her:  See? (turning so I see her backside) It covers my panties.  It's a dress.

Me:  Oh...that is so not the definition of a dress!

In the end she found another actual, length appropriate dress to wear with her favorite, favorite leggings.  Her teenage years are going to be awesome!  Though, in retrospect, I should be happy she at least wears panties.


Julia said...

I am sometimes sad that I didn't have a little girl, too...but I definitely won't miss the fights over what can & can't be worn. :)

I had the same problem when I was little but it was because my 2 sisters are both 5'0" or shorter, and I was 5'5" by the time I was 12. Wearing their hand-me-downs meant that I couldn't wear them the same way they had, which never seemed fair.

And...Thank heavens for panties!

Dori said...

The only clothing issue I've ever had with the boy wasn't even an issue really--I simply informed him that sweatpants were inappropriate for church. And that was it. No drama. No tears. No foot stomp or hair flounce.

But I still wouldn't trade her for anything! No way. No how!

Julia said...

Ah yes, the wicked foot stomp & hair flounce! I think we girls are all born knowing how to do that...and it's just so darn adorable.

Anita said...

Nice to hear that wee girl is healthy, albeit a skinny-healthy. :) I have one that is all legs and arms, and there is hardly a pair long pants out there that can fit her, either!