Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A disclaimer...of sorts

I mentioned to my husband that my mom was now reading his blog. He was horrified--figuring he had to rethink everything and change his content. Once I reminded him that my mother was not the delicate flower he was mistaking her for he suggested that maybe I add a disclaimer to my own blog for anyone wishing to take one of the links over to his.

Link to Husband's blog at your own risk. While content usually remains at a PG rating, he has nights where the frustration level tips it over to a Die Hard use of language rating. He is a husband, a father, a police officer, a son and a student. Any one of those is enough to turn one's conversation into a Dennis Leary monologue. As it is, he uses his blog as a catharsis--much the same as I use mine and why I have always turned to writing. If left inside it will only fester, spread and come out anyway, just at a much higher volume.

Since we're discussing my husband, let me say this: He is Batman. The "Dark Knight" himself. The quintessential hero of all times. Everyman with a kick-ass suit. Not just because he's the 5-o--not all cops can be compared to super heroes--he was this way when I met him almost 14 years ago. And Batman wasn't Batman because of the bat belt and the fully equipped garage. He was who he was because of his convictions and fundamental beliefs--that, and a bottomless checkbook. Batman was touched by darkness yet he chose to remain a force for good.

Yes, my husband is my hero. He cooks--amazing things come out of the kitchen, he's a genius in there! He cleans poop out of the tub. He cleans the cat box and takes out the trash. He goes to Sam's Club on Sundays and he brings home hot coffee when the power goes out. He brings me Indian food when I need comforting. He is the man of my dreams and after all these years--he still makes my heart thump. Even though we have our differences and our arguments, there is not one thing I would change about him.

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